Apr. 15th, 2017 01:49 pm
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I dreamed that Lumpy was still alive, but I was the only one that could see him. Maybe he was a ghost. Carrie & Lily thought I was going crazy.


Apr. 12th, 2017 07:14 pm
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Grief has its own way of progressing, there are a few things that are the same every time for me. The feeling of emptiness, of regret, the memories of the good times, the horrible feeling that time is moving on and therefore moving ~away, away~ from your loved one... away from the time you had together, away from your strongest memories of them. A strong resentment of time's progression. The feeling of horror at the thought that this sickened feeling will pass and everything will be ok again... I can barely deal with the pain, but I don't want to just feel ok again. I'm missing something so important, how can I move on? Recovery is both necessary and terrible to imagine.

Lumpy and I were good friends. I guess that the fewer friends you have, the more value you give to each of them. We were pretty close.

We picked up his cremains day before yesterday. It was an exhausting trip, quite far out of the way. I haven't brought myself to look at the cremains yet. I will do that soon.


Carrie and I have been, on some days, stopping to walk at some of the local trails. It is easier for us to do now that we don't need to rush back home to be sure to attend to Lumpy's illness. Yesterday, we stopped at a little riverside loop that we hadn't been to before. We note the homeless camps on each walk, there are very many in this area. They're sporadic, and each camp appears to accomodate one person at a time. They leave behind containers filled, and often helpfully marked as "not booze". We don't often see people around the camps, I imagine they converge on them at night time.
Yesterday we saw a gang of wild turkeys, four females and one very large male prone to display. Wild turkeys seem to be ascending in population, as I'd never seen them in this area until very recently. The local paper mentioned that they were in town a few weeks ago.


I have been very dismayed at the quick spiral downhill of LiveJournal. I've seen reporting on Gizmodo that anti-Putin political communities and pro-LGBTQ communities will no longer be tolerated. None of the official LJ statements have reflected this, but I do feel great unease at the move to Russia. I had a great amount of goodwill for LJ, despite their many, many, many missteps over the years. It was where I found my first major social network on the internet. I did a lot of good writing there. My move to DreamWidth had been long postponed because of the goodwill I still held for LJ.

Now that I'm here on DreamWidth, I'm questioning why I should continue to crosspost to a platform that no longer values free exchange of ideas... while at the same time lamenting that some of the things I've been happy to read on LJ (including some Russian communities) will not be accessible on DreamWidth (unless there is some syndication feature via RSS that I'm not aware of).

Side note: I need to learn how to use DreamWidth's footers for crossposting. My user name is the same at DW as it is on LJ, if you read this and would like to friend me over there, I'd love to see you there.


Dishearteningly, Impulsive Habitat STILL has not rectified the problem with the cover art that they caused. They published my album a month and a half ago with cover art that was altered from the original that I sent them, an alteration I did not approve. After I emailed them (immediately) asking that they revert the album to the original cover art, they neglected to respond for weeks. When they did respond, they said my photo didn't meet their aesthetic. I responded with a new photograph for their consideration, and expressed that I ought to have been consulted before they published the work, if they were going to alter the photo so significantly. They eventually approved the new photo with (much more minor) alterations - alterations that they asked my approval on - and which I approved. (This is the way it should work, the way it should have gone in the first place!) They acknowledged my approval and said everything would be corrected by ... last week. Well it hasn't been corrected, and I've pretty much had it. My thought is that I'm going to upload the work to my BandCamp and start to promote it with no mention of the Impulsive Habitat label. I normally like to give a netlabel exposure by letting them have exclusive distribution of a work, and directing people to the site, but this whole affair is so... disrespectful... that I feel like I have no real desire to promote their label anymore. This is by far the worst experience I've ever had with a label. They had been one of my most respected netlabels. I'm very disappointed with them. It has cast a dark cloud over this album release, for me.


Apr. 8th, 2017 09:29 pm
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One way you can tell that things have gone so upside down that I am unable to handle life at all is if my Last.FM stats show that I'm engaged in marathon looping of this album:


Apr. 7th, 2017 07:09 pm
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This is my first post on Dreamwidth. I wish it were happier.

Lumpy died yesterday, at 6 in the morning on 4/6.

I'm far too heartbroken to give a proper eulogy yet, but he deserves one. He had a good story.

I'm just wrecked.

I miss him too much.


Apr. 1st, 2017 10:57 pm
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Tonight, i cried very hard, and poured as much love into Lumpy as I could. He seemed to appreciate it.


Apr. 1st, 2017 07:51 pm
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It's been a pretty gloomy mood in the house this weekend, as Lumpy's been doing very, very badly. He's on my lap right now as I type this. He still seems to enjoy lap time. He's been eating all day, but is obviously feeling very... crappy.

I, myself, didn't have a good appetite for most of the day & was grumpy & caused a fight between Carrie and I. I'm not good at dealing with stress.

Carrie had insomnia all night long, I'm sure that worry about Lumpy had a lot to do with it. There was also a big scuffle under the bed with one of the upstairs mice having been discovered by Lily. It escaped, ultimately, but it was disturbing, since we don't have mice in the bedroom very often.

Later, as I sat awake, unable to fall back asleep, I listened to the little mouse slurping on the cat food that we left out for Lumpy in case he gets hungry during the night.


We took a walk at a local park, one that we've only recently discovered. It's a pretty place, riparian, with a stream running through the center of it. Lots of reeds and red-winged black birds. I like listening to the birds there. Unfortunately, I had an occurrence of the intestinal issue (I've suffered with this since my surgery) when we were halfway around the circuit, so we had to make haste back to the car to get home. My intestines are frequently not my friend.


We were very alarmed from some very loud gunshots outside, seemingly very close by. I ran outside, very worried, to see what was happening, and found that the church that's two doors down was doing a seven gun salute with taps playing for some funerary service. I was very upset that they did not alert us to this beforehand, and sent them an email requesting that they do so in the future. Doesn't seem very neighborly to have a bunch of people shooting off a bunch of guns forty feet from our house without letting anyone know about it ahead of time.


Carrie's been playing her bass a lot more often. I have to say it's kind of nice to have live, improvised music in the house right now. It's nice and quiet, and calming.


We ate some vegetarian tacos and drank some wine and cider, and watched an episode of Rachel Maddow, and tried to make sense of the circuitous logic of the crazy Russian intrigue that's been seemingly exploding the American democracy for the last many months. Keeping track of all the new names that are implicated in this weird Rube Goldberg mechanism has been tough.


Mar. 31st, 2017 10:15 pm
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I'm happy that I'm skipping April fool's day on Twitter, tbh.
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There was a big update to my interview at the netlabel interview project archive. It's a pretty unique interview that is more specific and in-depth than I'm normally able to get in interviews. I love this project, documenting netlabel activity is something I had been wanting to do, but other things got in the way, so I am very grateful to Keith Helt for doing the legwork on it. This is a necessary archival / historical work.

here's my part of it:



Mar. 31st, 2017 06:29 pm
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Lumpy seems to be going downhill swiftly in terms of his health. I discussed with our boss the need to our need to be at home to help him out. He needs to be coaxed into eating several times a day, and needs a lot of interaction, since that seems to be the only thing he really enjoys. Sitting on a lap or crawling under the blanket with someone or crawling up on my chest when I'm laying down, he's happiest when he can do that.
The boss was alright with the idea of me doing some wax sculpting at home for the short term. So.

This job is a real piece of shit in a lot of ways, but I have to appreciate the one way it IS good, it's very flexible in terms of when we work, and how many hours we work. There are shitty reasons for that, but...


Some words I've recently used as accidental curse words (when I intend to curse about something but my brain unintentionally spits out a different word instead): "disk" and "foot".

Brains are weird.


Carrie follows foraging / wild food blogs, and recently read through one of them that elm seeds are edible. We have a lot of big elms on our property and they're seeding like crazy right now. I brought in a little clump of them to try out. They're a lot sweeter than I expected. They'll probably go good on a salad. We sometimes eat other stuff from our yard, like cheeseweed and dandelion. I tried to eat a stinkhorn egg, but it just was not appetizing. We occasionally have some fairy rings or shaggy manes come up in our yard (not consistently), and those are always good.


It's been raining all day, softly. It's nice to finally have some precipitation. I was wondering how all the Spring flowers were up and blooming so vigorously since it hasn't snowed in months and barely anything fell when it did. I guess we'll figure out what plants survived the harsh Winter here pretty soon. Last winter we lost a tree and the neighbor lost two trees, hopefully it won't be that bad again, but I'm worried about the lilac bushes.

Daffodils are flowering and they're very pretty. Just noticed today that grape hyacinths are flowering. They always remind me of Fluffy, because he died when they started to flower back many years ago. We planted some of them above his grave.


A perennial client at the brewery unfortunately sat next to me at the bar tonight. He likes to read over my shoulder, then he takes his own phone and cradles it so no one can see what he's doing, then he reads over my shoulder some more. Don't like that guy.


Impulsive Habitat assures me via email that they'll be changing my album cover art next week. One month after release. Sigh.


Mar. 28th, 2017 07:54 pm
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The weather promised rain all weekend long, this amounted to not much more than a brief drizzle. It's been very dry, so we were looking forward to some good wetness.

Last night, unexpectedly, a good bit of soft rain fell. The sound of it hitting the roof confused my sleepy brain, which interpreted it as either mouse activity or the house settling. At a certain point, it sounded like the house had become alive and was slowing moving around, like a boxy, wooden snail.


I had a bad time with my sculpture at work, the young girl lacrosse player. I had thought she was coming out good, but further reflection had me disliking her face. I worked on almost nothing but that all day, adding and subtracting doing over again and again. At the end of the day, I accidentally dropped the sculpture which shattered it, and caused some other damage. Seemed like a good time to pause and do something else for the remainder of the day. Tomorrow, perhaps things will go better. I really thought I'd advanced a lot as a sculptor, but faces are just very, very hard, especially when the whole face is the size of a dime. You can get all the parts in the right place, but it's really hard to get the right "mood" to the face when it's that small. I fall into the same bad habits with faces, and it ends up looking ugly. I hope that this can be a learning experience, as I'd like to advance my skills. I might otherwise "give up" and find a better face in the mold library, and surgically add it to the body I've worked up.


I listened to Autechre's Cichlisuite for the first time in a long while. It's one of my favorites of their works, I really enjoyed revisiting it.


After my follow-up email to Impulsive Habitat, suggesting another cover option, I have neither heard back from them, nor has my new option been adopted by them. The old art that I dislike is still there. Still causes me daily upset. This has been going on for three weeks. Usually the first 3 weeks of a netlabel release is the key time period for people to download it, so any change after then is not likely to make a difference. Really very grumpy about it.

I'm considering tying my return to Twitter to the occurrence of this album's cover art being corrected. If the art is to my satisfaction, that may provide an impetus / reason to return. I've been away for 3 weeks tonight.


Lumpy cat has been feeling very poorly for the past few days, leading to him not eating as much. This makes me concerned about his well being, but I remember that he is dying, so this has to happen sooner or later. On the other hand, he has a problem with being congested, which is a long time problem of his. When he's stuffy, he doesn't feel good generally. Perhaps he will clear up and his appetite may return.


I'm reading a Star Wars novel about the character Ahsoka Tano that I checked out through the excellent library app Hoopla. Admitting that I'm reading this is embarrassing to me. I feel very dumb about it, since Star Wars has had some pretty low-quality stuff out there, overall. On the other hand, I really liked the Ahsoka character when I watched the animated series the Clone Wars, and wondered what happened to her afterward. I can't say this novel is very satisfying so far, but maybe it will turn around. I was hoping there would be more about what happened between her and the character Asajj Ventress from the animated series. There seemed to be a lot of opportunity for interesting drama there. So far, there's been no mention.


Tomorrow is my mid-term proficiency test in my live sound reinforcement class. I feel iffy about it, because I have not had much in-person time with the mixing board that we're using. I only have a theoretical grasp of how things are routed in it, but equipment can be funky. I hope I can make the thing do what I want it to do tomorrow evening.
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I dreamed about a big map to a maze. One room was disconnected from the main structure. It consisted of a small room with a staircase leading up, sealed off abruptly by a wall. No other way in or out.
The room was meant to be known about, but not seen.

This is my kind of place.

If I had lots of money and resources, I would make it an art project to build rooms like this. I'd bury them deep, with little or no information available about where they were, to be found either by chance or not at all. I imagine covering all surfaces with carved handmade tile, so that there's no way to enter the space without destroying something intrinsic to the space. This is definitely a dream idea taking inspiration from the ancient Egyptians.


Mar. 26th, 2017 08:36 pm
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I worked for much of the day on some music, an apparent album-length thing that's fallen together without planning. It's mostly jam based rhythm/noise stuff akin to my Sophist stuff, but maybe a bit more developed. Lofi crunchy beat noise whatever.

A little disconcerting that this album has basically congealed when the two albums that have been the main goal for the last many months have stalled.


We had some lovely vegetarian pho for dinner with some nice unfiltered sake. We wondered about how / why the endorphin rush happens when we eat good pho.


Listened to Spotify a bit.

I felt weird about listening to Ian Anderson's "Thick as a Brick 2" which he's shortened to TAAB2. It struck me as the best thing they've done in about 20 years or more, but at the same time utterly offensively awful. I feel very bad that Jethro Tull was pretty much my favorite band during my very early years. They are unequivocally bad.

Then I listened to some music by Accept, a heavy metal band that never quite resonated with me. Udo Dirkschneider's voice reminded me very strongly of Bon Scott's AC/DC. Their "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" was one of my first "heavy metal" albums, I found an 8-track one day along the dirt road that led to my house from the paved road where I got off the bus. It was unmarked but ended up being that album by AC/DC. It was one of the first albums that I owned that wasn't within the "Christian music only" stricture I had been held under for years. I have a soft spot for the album, even though it's not very good.


I'd thought about re-joining twitter this weekend, but haven't done it. I think I'll wait until the kerfuffle with Impulsive Habitat is solved.


Mar. 26th, 2017 12:41 pm
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I finally got an email from Impulsive Habitat regarding the disputed cover art for my new album Anent. Apparently, they thought the original photo I sent didn't fit the aesthetic of the label. I wish they'd consulted with me, and had not decided to change the photo & then release it. But that's done with, I have sent them a new photo for their approval. Perhaps we can come to an agreement on this and move on. If they agree to change the art, then I'll do some promotion of the album.


My little sister bought her first house, in Johnstown, a town that's nearby, but that I don't believe I have ever visited. I volunteered to help on Saturday, but then I was feeling crummy so I reneged on my offer. They spent the day ripping out carpet rather than moving.


Carrie's sister and mother came to visit, and we ate artichokes with hollandaise, and we drank some of the strawberry ale that Carrie is fond of.

While they were here I did a small jam session running some rhythm boxes through noise processing, and recorded it, good raw material for something down the road.


Feeling pleased about Trump's bad news cycle, and his failure with the healthcare legislation. I have to smile about politics when I can, 'cause things are generally not going my way.

Although, I can say I was very heartened by Geert Wilders loss in the Dutch election. Perhaps the tide is turning? I guess we'll see how Le Pen does in France.


Carrie's dad emailed suggesting I consider making bells. I think it's a good idea.


Mar. 24th, 2017 08:09 pm
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It was supposed to get cold and snowy today. The forecast promised two to four inches. Well, that didn't pan out, and it was instead overcast and warm. I was really looking forward to getting some precipitation, because we've had very little, almost nothing since January. I should probably water the yard to keep the plants alive. It's been a hot, windy, dry Winter.


Daffodils are flowering in our yard finally. They've been popping all over town for the last week. March is pretty early for them to flower.

... but there's no such thing as climate change, because Al Gore is fat. </conservativelogic>


I've had Megadeth songs stuck in my head for almost all week, so I'm finally giving in and just listening to them. They've long been a guilty pleasure, but I'm mostly only fond of their first 2 albums.


Had class today. I'm taking Live Sound Reinforcement, so basically running live sound for bands or speakers or whatever. We may do a field trip down to Denver to one of the major venues to have a gander at the setup there, that would be good. This seems like the kind of class where you could just do the one class and get a job at entry level. Entry level pay in live sound is like 20 an hour, but it's just in five to ten hour shifts, not daily. Might be a nice fall back thing. I'm considering finishing out my general studies degree with a certificate in brewing sciences. Might be a good combination of skills to have. Need to decide what to do. Other options are massage therapy, or (distantly) machine shop (the requirements there are pretty heavy, you're forced to take like three or four concurrent classes and that's not workable for me). I could also work in some internships at museums, but the ones I'd want to intern at require a decent commute. Kind of wish I lived closer to the metropolis.


A little fan at work was causing a piece of paper to rattle against it. I heard a "strange attractor" pattern that caught my attention. I made a couple of recordings of it with my new Tascam mic for my iPhone. Likely this will end up on a release at some point, but it probably will just be a starting point. I love taking these weird field recordings and warping them.


Carrie & I had a beer at the local brewery, City Star. They have a cool program where all the women working for them contribute to a brew that they release once a year. Today was the release date for that brew, it... wasn't very good this year, sadly. It was a juniper berry based beer, which sounds promising, but I couldn't taste the juniper. It basically tasted like a slightly sweet brown ale. I don't like brown ales. Ah well. At least they have a very good roster of fall back brews.


Didn't feel too horrible for the last few days. This is, if not progress, at least a nice reprieve.


Little sister has just closed on a house. I called Dad to offer my services to help with the move... if necessary.
I felt bad because Dad was pretty drunk and weepy, as he is almost every time I talk with him these days. This is a source of major distress for me.


I'm very pleased that the "Obamacare Repeal and Replace" bill failed today.


Mar. 23rd, 2017 09:28 pm
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A friend who I know primarily on Twitter emailed to see if I was doing ok. That made me feel good, I otherwise had no idea if it's even occurred to anyone that I've been gone. There are a lot of good people on that platform that I appreciate a lot.


I still haven't heard back from the Impulsive Habitat label after having sent them two emails expressing that I wished for my cover art to be reverted to the original version I sent them. I'm very unhappy about the whole situation, it really gets my blood pressure up when I think about it, so I'm trying not to think about it.


We've had a mouse problem in the house for the entire Winter. At one point we had captured nine individuals and caged them. We put them outside, in the cage, with the top propped open so they can escape, but a month later, we still hear them running on the little wheel.

Meanwhile there's still goddamned mice in the house. Our two cats are very poor at catching them, Lily's caught a couple, but he doesn't know what to do with them, so he just chases them around and injures them. We kind of dread him "catching" them at this point. Our other cat, Lumpy, is at the end of his life, suffering from kidney disease, he's basically skin and bones. For the last couple of weeks he hasn't cared about much other than sitting on a lap and getting the occasional dish of his special vet food. Well, apparently ~HE~ caught a mouse while we were at work yesterday. We found a dead, soggy, mangled mouse with him proudly standing nearby. Unfortunately, now he thinks he sees mice everywhere, and he's pouncing at shadows. It's disconcerting, because he doesn't have the musculature and strength for that kind of effort. It doesn't seem like he's having fun, or pretending to see something so he can play, it seems like he's gone a little batshit crazy. We're concerned about it, especially since he won't eat when he's in that kind of mindset.


At work, I'm sculpting a couple of kids, a boy and a girl playing lacrosse, a game I know nothing about. It wasn't popular when I was in school, but I do what I'm told. I'm having a bit of fun doing the sculpture though.


I'm happy to see that perhaps the Republicans may not be able to reach a consensus on the health care issue, because it seems like their ideas would make the situation worse than it is. Obamacare isn't anywhere near a perfect law, but it saved my life, literally. It has allowed me to have health insurance at an affordable price since its implementation, something I never had before. I would count the law as more success than failure, but I do agree it has some flaws that really need to be addressed. It's pretty obvious that the bunch of goofballs in charge now are not the ones to do it.


Carrie and I enjoyed one of the Dave Chappelle specials on Netflix, although it was hit or miss and expressed some views that I don't approve of... I guess I expect that with him though, so it was no shock.
I drank some of the turmeric tea that I like so much, and then had some mint chocolate chip gelato.


Maybe I should stay off Twitter for longer, I've been considering rejoining very soon, but I think I'm finding some joy through writing on LiveJournal. The downside is that I don't connect with as many people here as I do there, but I have missed being in contact with those few people who still regularly read LJ. Hi all of you! *waves*

There's probably a way to do both, I'm sure.


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Our friend Loretta stopped by the foundry today to pick up some dolls that she's borrowing from Carrie. She's going to use them to do one of her drawing projects. We commented after about how much we like having Loretta as an admired acquaintance. I think, generally, we don't admire many people we know. Perhaps we would admire more people if we knew more, but Carrie & I are both very introverted, and we don't attempt to get to know people very often.


Inspired by Carrie's recent visual art efforts, which she's doing to create a zine, I too am working toward making a zine. I made many zines when I was in my late teens and twenties, but I'm in my mid forties now, and it's been a while. I'm going to start with an abstract art zine. I've been doing some designs using colloidal graphite and alcohol that look pretty good. Once I get about six pages done, I should have enough to collate into a zine. I'm going to hand letter some abstracted words that I've made with the assistance of a markov algorithm. It's kind of quasi-random pseudo-English. I think it'll be a fun project. Afterward, I hope to compile some thoughts about music and sound and memory into a zine that may have more than one issue. I imagine I'll do small runs of twenty or thirty and sell them through my bandcamp page. Or maybe I should get an etsy page? I don't know.


We're getting a little frustrated with the selection on Netflix, we infrequently have the stamina to watch a full length movie, so we like to stick to things that are about an hour or less, seems like we've watched all the shows that seem interesting that meet that requirement.


Flowers are blooming here very early. Daffodils are blooming in another part of town, but they haven't started in our yard yet. One of our unidentified shrubs (possibly dogberry?) has started flowering really heavily. It's shocking seeing such a flamboyant display after so long with no foliage. It's been basically drought conditions here for the Winter, very little snow, so I am concerned about the plants in the yard, perhaps I ought to do some watering - but I don't want to encourage the grass to grow yet.


I'm pondering whether or not to rejoin Twitter this weekend.


Mar. 21st, 2017 09:46 am
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I dreamed i was looking at a massive scrapbook made by John Cage. It was thousands & thousands of pages, about 15 inches thick. It was full of newspaper clippings and pamphlets, zines, drawings... Just allsorts.


Mar. 19th, 2017 01:23 pm
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My hiatus from Twitter is somewhere between a week and two weeks old now, I think it'll be two weeks on Tuesday or Wednesday. It's been difficult, I can't lie. I haven't started to plot my way back onto the platform yet, but it will surely involve limited time frames when I can use it. Not going back to the 'every available moment' model.

A new album of mine was released on a reputable netlabel, but my excitement for it was doused when I saw that the label had altered the color palette of my original artwork without asking or checking with me first. The altered artwork is not at all to my taste. I wonder why they felt the need to make such a drastic change without consulting me. If they didn't like the photo I sent, I would have been, perhaps not happy to, but at least able to provide another. I haven't heard back from the people at the netlabel since I emailed them right after release asking to have a reversion to the original artwork. The experience has really soured me on the release. I haven't mentioned it on any social media, or added it to my discography. This part of my life is supposed to be fun. By and large it has been, but this bad experience is coming at a time when I'm not really up to dealing with the vagaries of human behavior.

I'm taking a class in live sound at the local community college. It is an easy class, but I'm having some anxiety about it. I think in general I'm feeling incompetent and incapable in all aspects of my life. I'm glad the class is not harder than it is. I hope I can pull myself together.


Feb. 12th, 2017 09:20 pm
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can't remember much from my dreams lately. It's very sad.

This weekend I dreamed of crying and sex.

I remember that part of my sex dreams involved kissing someone who did not like the way my moustache felt against their lips.


Jan. 30th, 2017 08:18 pm
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Carrie and I got really stressed out about the news and decided to take a walk to try to calm down.

Some young white guy in a dark colored two door sports sedan drove by us extremely menacingly, staring at us, then turned around and did it the other direction, then followed us around town. We ditched him by going down an alley.

I just called the cops.

Carrie says the guy looked like a skinhead, I didn't get enough of a look at him, but I recognized the threatening look. He did not mean us well.

I'm afraid to tweet about this, maybe someone is reading my tweets.

We're home, and have the lights turned off. We're both sincerely shaken.

Holy shit, what kind of America am I living in?


address associated with that car: 932 North 7th St. Berthoud, CO

the car didn't have identifying marks on the back and the address of the duplex was taken off. The car was parked at the northernmost apartment, closest to Capital Ave. Carrie and I immediately suspected that was the car when we saw it, and indeed the incident happened very close to that spot.

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