Mar. 19th, 2017 01:23 pm
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My hiatus from Twitter is somewhere between a week and two weeks old now, I think it'll be two weeks on Tuesday or Wednesday. It's been difficult, I can't lie. I haven't started to plot my way back onto the platform yet, but it will surely involve limited time frames when I can use it. Not going back to the 'every available moment' model.

A new album of mine was released on a reputable netlabel, but my excitement for it was doused when I saw that the label had altered the color palette of my original artwork without asking or checking with me first. The altered artwork is not at all to my taste. I wonder why they felt the need to make such a drastic change without consulting me. If they didn't like the photo I sent, I would have been, perhaps not happy to, but at least able to provide another. I haven't heard back from the people at the netlabel since I emailed them right after release asking to have a reversion to the original artwork. The experience has really soured me on the release. I haven't mentioned it on any social media, or added it to my discography. This part of my life is supposed to be fun. By and large it has been, but this bad experience is coming at a time when I'm not really up to dealing with the vagaries of human behavior.

I'm taking a class in live sound at the local community college. It is an easy class, but I'm having some anxiety about it. I think in general I'm feeling incompetent and incapable in all aspects of my life. I'm glad the class is not harder than it is. I hope I can pull myself together.
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