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vuzh ([personal profile] vuzh) wrote2017-04-01 07:51 pm


It's been a pretty gloomy mood in the house this weekend, as Lumpy's been doing very, very badly. He's on my lap right now as I type this. He still seems to enjoy lap time. He's been eating all day, but is obviously feeling very... crappy.

I, myself, didn't have a good appetite for most of the day & was grumpy & caused a fight between Carrie and I. I'm not good at dealing with stress.

Carrie had insomnia all night long, I'm sure that worry about Lumpy had a lot to do with it. There was also a big scuffle under the bed with one of the upstairs mice having been discovered by Lily. It escaped, ultimately, but it was disturbing, since we don't have mice in the bedroom very often.

Later, as I sat awake, unable to fall back asleep, I listened to the little mouse slurping on the cat food that we left out for Lumpy in case he gets hungry during the night.


We took a walk at a local park, one that we've only recently discovered. It's a pretty place, riparian, with a stream running through the center of it. Lots of reeds and red-winged black birds. I like listening to the birds there. Unfortunately, I had an occurrence of the intestinal issue (I've suffered with this since my surgery) when we were halfway around the circuit, so we had to make haste back to the car to get home. My intestines are frequently not my friend.


We were very alarmed from some very loud gunshots outside, seemingly very close by. I ran outside, very worried, to see what was happening, and found that the church that's two doors down was doing a seven gun salute with taps playing for some funerary service. I was very upset that they did not alert us to this beforehand, and sent them an email requesting that they do so in the future. Doesn't seem very neighborly to have a bunch of people shooting off a bunch of guns forty feet from our house without letting anyone know about it ahead of time.


Carrie's been playing her bass a lot more often. I have to say it's kind of nice to have live, improvised music in the house right now. It's nice and quiet, and calming.


We ate some vegetarian tacos and drank some wine and cider, and watched an episode of Rachel Maddow, and tried to make sense of the circuitous logic of the crazy Russian intrigue that's been seemingly exploding the American democracy for the last many months. Keeping track of all the new names that are implicated in this weird Rube Goldberg mechanism has been tough.

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