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The weather promised rain all weekend long, this amounted to not much more than a brief drizzle. It's been very dry, so we were looking forward to some good wetness.

Last night, unexpectedly, a good bit of soft rain fell. The sound of it hitting the roof confused my sleepy brain, which interpreted it as either mouse activity or the house settling. At a certain point, it sounded like the house had become alive and was slowing moving around, like a boxy, wooden snail.


I had a bad time with my sculpture at work, the young girl lacrosse player. I had thought she was coming out good, but further reflection had me disliking her face. I worked on almost nothing but that all day, adding and subtracting doing over again and again. At the end of the day, I accidentally dropped the sculpture which shattered it, and caused some other damage. Seemed like a good time to pause and do something else for the remainder of the day. Tomorrow, perhaps things will go better. I really thought I'd advanced a lot as a sculptor, but faces are just very, very hard, especially when the whole face is the size of a dime. You can get all the parts in the right place, but it's really hard to get the right "mood" to the face when it's that small. I fall into the same bad habits with faces, and it ends up looking ugly. I hope that this can be a learning experience, as I'd like to advance my skills. I might otherwise "give up" and find a better face in the mold library, and surgically add it to the body I've worked up.


I listened to Autechre's Cichlisuite for the first time in a long while. It's one of my favorites of their works, I really enjoyed revisiting it.


After my follow-up email to Impulsive Habitat, suggesting another cover option, I have neither heard back from them, nor has my new option been adopted by them. The old art that I dislike is still there. Still causes me daily upset. This has been going on for three weeks. Usually the first 3 weeks of a netlabel release is the key time period for people to download it, so any change after then is not likely to make a difference. Really very grumpy about it.

I'm considering tying my return to Twitter to the occurrence of this album's cover art being corrected. If the art is to my satisfaction, that may provide an impetus / reason to return. I've been away for 3 weeks tonight.


Lumpy cat has been feeling very poorly for the past few days, leading to him not eating as much. This makes me concerned about his well being, but I remember that he is dying, so this has to happen sooner or later. On the other hand, he has a problem with being congested, which is a long time problem of his. When he's stuffy, he doesn't feel good generally. Perhaps he will clear up and his appetite may return.


I'm reading a Star Wars novel about the character Ahsoka Tano that I checked out through the excellent library app Hoopla. Admitting that I'm reading this is embarrassing to me. I feel very dumb about it, since Star Wars has had some pretty low-quality stuff out there, overall. On the other hand, I really liked the Ahsoka character when I watched the animated series the Clone Wars, and wondered what happened to her afterward. I can't say this novel is very satisfying so far, but maybe it will turn around. I was hoping there would be more about what happened between her and the character Asajj Ventress from the animated series. There seemed to be a lot of opportunity for interesting drama there. So far, there's been no mention.


Tomorrow is my mid-term proficiency test in my live sound reinforcement class. I feel iffy about it, because I have not had much in-person time with the mixing board that we're using. I only have a theoretical grasp of how things are routed in it, but equipment can be funky. I hope I can make the thing do what I want it to do tomorrow evening.
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Well, as a long-time reader and writer of fanfiction, I can assure you that you are in good company, wanting to know more about the lives of characters you liked - of course without Word of God tie-ins, all we can do is speculate...

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Yes, i would be more inclined to indulge in this fandom if the available stuff were of a higher calibre / had a better signal to noise ratio.
Also find some difficulty with Star Wars in what age group it's trying to appeal to, seems like they don't know. They want to say things are really dark and dire, but then nerf all the bad stuff and downplay it so as to not upset the kids. Seems like you can't have it both ways.
I mean there's also the larger problem of feeding all kinds of war glorification to young people...

As for me and this book, i'd prefer more character and less action.