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vuzh ([personal profile] vuzh) wrote2017-03-28 10:50 am

Dream / art idea

I dreamed about a big map to a maze. One room was disconnected from the main structure. It consisted of a small room with a staircase leading up, sealed off abruptly by a wall. No other way in or out.
The room was meant to be known about, but not seen.

This is my kind of place.

If I had lots of money and resources, I would make it an art project to build rooms like this. I'd bury them deep, with little or no information available about where they were, to be found either by chance or not at all. I imagine covering all surfaces with carved handmade tile, so that there's no way to enter the space without destroying something intrinsic to the space. This is definitely a dream idea taking inspiration from the ancient Egyptians.

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