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vuzh ([personal profile] vuzh) wrote2017-03-26 12:41 pm


I finally got an email from Impulsive Habitat regarding the disputed cover art for my new album Anent. Apparently, they thought the original photo I sent didn't fit the aesthetic of the label. I wish they'd consulted with me, and had not decided to change the photo & then release it. But that's done with, I have sent them a new photo for their approval. Perhaps we can come to an agreement on this and move on. If they agree to change the art, then I'll do some promotion of the album.


My little sister bought her first house, in Johnstown, a town that's nearby, but that I don't believe I have ever visited. I volunteered to help on Saturday, but then I was feeling crummy so I reneged on my offer. They spent the day ripping out carpet rather than moving.


Carrie's sister and mother came to visit, and we ate artichokes with hollandaise, and we drank some of the strawberry ale that Carrie is fond of.

While they were here I did a small jam session running some rhythm boxes through noise processing, and recorded it, good raw material for something down the road.


Feeling pleased about Trump's bad news cycle, and his failure with the healthcare legislation. I have to smile about politics when I can, 'cause things are generally not going my way.

Although, I can say I was very heartened by Geert Wilders loss in the Dutch election. Perhaps the tide is turning? I guess we'll see how Le Pen does in France.


Carrie's dad emailed suggesting I consider making bells. I think it's a good idea.

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