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Carrie and I got really stressed out about the news and decided to take a walk to try to calm down.

Some young white guy in a dark colored two door sports sedan drove by us extremely menacingly, staring at us, then turned around and did it the other direction, then followed us around town. We ditched him by going down an alley.

I just called the cops.

Carrie says the guy looked like a skinhead, I didn't get enough of a look at him, but I recognized the threatening look. He did not mean us well.

I'm afraid to tweet about this, maybe someone is reading my tweets.

We're home, and have the lights turned off. We're both sincerely shaken.

Holy shit, what kind of America am I living in?


address associated with that car: 932 North 7th St. Berthoud, CO

the car didn't have identifying marks on the back and the address of the duplex was taken off. The car was parked at the northernmost apartment, closest to Capital Ave. Carrie and I immediately suspected that was the car when we saw it, and indeed the incident happened very close to that spot.

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I'm sorry this happened. Wish you well.

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thank you.

we never expectd to be stalked by a skinhead in this tiny town. holy shit.

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That sounds awful. I hope it never recurs.

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This is nuts. Haven't experienced this here, but I'm filled with anger and fear and leaving the house as seldom as possible.

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we purposefully walked the same route tonight, partially so that we could deflate the tension. We didn't want to get in a pattern where we don't walk in our own fucking town.

but we also found out where the douchebag lives and got his licenseplate number.

[identity profile] (((dave seidel))) (from 2017-02-01 01:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Good work. Fuck that guy.