Mar. 31st, 2017


Mar. 31st, 2017 06:29 pm
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Lumpy seems to be going downhill swiftly in terms of his health. I discussed with our boss the need to our need to be at home to help him out. He needs to be coaxed into eating several times a day, and needs a lot of interaction, since that seems to be the only thing he really enjoys. Sitting on a lap or crawling under the blanket with someone or crawling up on my chest when I'm laying down, he's happiest when he can do that.
The boss was alright with the idea of me doing some wax sculpting at home for the short term. So.

This job is a real piece of shit in a lot of ways, but I have to appreciate the one way it IS good, it's very flexible in terms of when we work, and how many hours we work. There are shitty reasons for that, but...


Some words I've recently used as accidental curse words (when I intend to curse about something but my brain unintentionally spits out a different word instead): "disk" and "foot".

Brains are weird.


Carrie follows foraging / wild food blogs, and recently read through one of them that elm seeds are edible. We have a lot of big elms on our property and they're seeding like crazy right now. I brought in a little clump of them to try out. They're a lot sweeter than I expected. They'll probably go good on a salad. We sometimes eat other stuff from our yard, like cheeseweed and dandelion. I tried to eat a stinkhorn egg, but it just was not appetizing. We occasionally have some fairy rings or shaggy manes come up in our yard (not consistently), and those are always good.


It's been raining all day, softly. It's nice to finally have some precipitation. I was wondering how all the Spring flowers were up and blooming so vigorously since it hasn't snowed in months and barely anything fell when it did. I guess we'll figure out what plants survived the harsh Winter here pretty soon. Last winter we lost a tree and the neighbor lost two trees, hopefully it won't be that bad again, but I'm worried about the lilac bushes.

Daffodils are flowering and they're very pretty. Just noticed today that grape hyacinths are flowering. They always remind me of Fluffy, because he died when they started to flower back many years ago. We planted some of them above his grave.


A perennial client at the brewery unfortunately sat next to me at the bar tonight. He likes to read over my shoulder, then he takes his own phone and cradles it so no one can see what he's doing, then he reads over my shoulder some more. Don't like that guy.


Impulsive Habitat assures me via email that they'll be changing my album cover art next week. One month after release. Sigh.
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There was a big update to my interview at the netlabel interview project archive. It's a pretty unique interview that is more specific and in-depth than I'm normally able to get in interviews. I love this project, documenting netlabel activity is something I had been wanting to do, but other things got in the way, so I am very grateful to Keith Helt for doing the legwork on it. This is a necessary archival / historical work.

here's my part of it:


Mar. 31st, 2017 10:15 pm
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I'm happy that I'm skipping April fool's day on Twitter, tbh.

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