Mar. 23rd, 2017 09:28 pm
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A friend who I know primarily on Twitter emailed to see if I was doing ok. That made me feel good, I otherwise had no idea if it's even occurred to anyone that I've been gone. There are a lot of good people on that platform that I appreciate a lot.


I still haven't heard back from the Impulsive Habitat label after having sent them two emails expressing that I wished for my cover art to be reverted to the original version I sent them. I'm very unhappy about the whole situation, it really gets my blood pressure up when I think about it, so I'm trying not to think about it.


We've had a mouse problem in the house for the entire Winter. At one point we had captured nine individuals and caged them. We put them outside, in the cage, with the top propped open so they can escape, but a month later, we still hear them running on the little wheel.

Meanwhile there's still goddamned mice in the house. Our two cats are very poor at catching them, Lily's caught a couple, but he doesn't know what to do with them, so he just chases them around and injures them. We kind of dread him "catching" them at this point. Our other cat, Lumpy, is at the end of his life, suffering from kidney disease, he's basically skin and bones. For the last couple of weeks he hasn't cared about much other than sitting on a lap and getting the occasional dish of his special vet food. Well, apparently ~HE~ caught a mouse while we were at work yesterday. We found a dead, soggy, mangled mouse with him proudly standing nearby. Unfortunately, now he thinks he sees mice everywhere, and he's pouncing at shadows. It's disconcerting, because he doesn't have the musculature and strength for that kind of effort. It doesn't seem like he's having fun, or pretending to see something so he can play, it seems like he's gone a little batshit crazy. We're concerned about it, especially since he won't eat when he's in that kind of mindset.


At work, I'm sculpting a couple of kids, a boy and a girl playing lacrosse, a game I know nothing about. It wasn't popular when I was in school, but I do what I'm told. I'm having a bit of fun doing the sculpture though.


I'm happy to see that perhaps the Republicans may not be able to reach a consensus on the health care issue, because it seems like their ideas would make the situation worse than it is. Obamacare isn't anywhere near a perfect law, but it saved my life, literally. It has allowed me to have health insurance at an affordable price since its implementation, something I never had before. I would count the law as more success than failure, but I do agree it has some flaws that really need to be addressed. It's pretty obvious that the bunch of goofballs in charge now are not the ones to do it.


Carrie and I enjoyed one of the Dave Chappelle specials on Netflix, although it was hit or miss and expressed some views that I don't approve of... I guess I expect that with him though, so it was no shock.
I drank some of the turmeric tea that I like so much, and then had some mint chocolate chip gelato.


Maybe I should stay off Twitter for longer, I've been considering rejoining very soon, but I think I'm finding some joy through writing on LiveJournal. The downside is that I don't connect with as many people here as I do there, but I have missed being in contact with those few people who still regularly read LJ. Hi all of you! *waves*

There's probably a way to do both, I'm sure.


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