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Our friend Loretta stopped by the foundry today to pick up some dolls that she's borrowing from Carrie. She's going to use them to do one of her drawing projects. We commented after about how much we like having Loretta as an admired acquaintance. I think, generally, we don't admire many people we know. Perhaps we would admire more people if we knew more, but Carrie & I are both very introverted, and we don't attempt to get to know people very often.


Inspired by Carrie's recent visual art efforts, which she's doing to create a zine, I too am working toward making a zine. I made many zines when I was in my late teens and twenties, but I'm in my mid forties now, and it's been a while. I'm going to start with an abstract art zine. I've been doing some designs using colloidal graphite and alcohol that look pretty good. Once I get about six pages done, I should have enough to collate into a zine. I'm going to hand letter some abstracted words that I've made with the assistance of a markov algorithm. It's kind of quasi-random pseudo-English. I think it'll be a fun project. Afterward, I hope to compile some thoughts about music and sound and memory into a zine that may have more than one issue. I imagine I'll do small runs of twenty or thirty and sell them through my bandcamp page. Or maybe I should get an etsy page? I don't know.


We're getting a little frustrated with the selection on Netflix, we infrequently have the stamina to watch a full length movie, so we like to stick to things that are about an hour or less, seems like we've watched all the shows that seem interesting that meet that requirement.


Flowers are blooming here very early. Daffodils are blooming in another part of town, but they haven't started in our yard yet. One of our unidentified shrubs (possibly dogberry?) has started flowering really heavily. It's shocking seeing such a flamboyant display after so long with no foliage. It's been basically drought conditions here for the Winter, very little snow, so I am concerned about the plants in the yard, perhaps I ought to do some watering - but I don't want to encourage the grass to grow yet.


I'm pondering whether or not to rejoin Twitter this weekend.

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